Products: ISO 20022 testing solutions for banks: turning complexity into simplicity

Unifits has created the first industry-specific solutions that uniquely accelerate and simplify payment testing. This solutions are specialized but not limited to ISO 20022 and are available both in the cloud and on-premise.


  1. Significant reduction of testing effort (time, costs, workload) and risks
  1. Impactful increase of test throughput and test quality
  2. Best-of-breed validation service for free
  3. First self-service Test Portal for easy and reliable test data creation
  4. First industry-specific solution to automate transaction testing
  5. One provider for all your payment testing challenges

I want to automate end-to-end testing within my bank

Unifits Test Engine

The Unifits Test Engine is the first solution of its kind with extensive industry-specific knowledge already embedded. Simulators for all types of payment clearing and settlement infrastructures thus turn your test environment into a mirror image of production.

Test Portal

I want to offer self-service testing for my corporate customers

Unifits Customer Onboarding

The Customer Onboarding Platform is much more than just a portal to validate whether messages are compliant to a particular scheme or not. Elaborated simulation facilities are provided to satisfy a corporate customer’s demands for their own testing with the virtualized booking engine.