Test Engine

The Test Engine automatizes your end-to-end testing of ISO 20022 based IT systems such as payment systems.

Based on a complete set of predefined test cases and customizable test data, the Test Engine supports the testing process and allows fully automated system tests, e.g. for SEPA and all other ISO 20022 based XML messages. It simulates all possible roles within payment and securities processing – customer, bank, RTGS systems, clearing house, central depositaries, etc. for a complete end-to-end testing. Files can be transferred via EBICS, email or SFTP, allowing the test manager to simply upload or download messages into the payment processing environment.


  • Banks
  • Clearing houses
  • Software vendors

Key features:

  • Predefined test cases (e.g. for Credit Transfer, Direct Debit, Cards)
  • Fully automated execution of end-to-end tests – from the creation of test files to the validation and documentation of test results
  • Convenient customization of individual test cases
  • Automatic initiation of defect processes (e.g. HP-QC interface)
  • Extensive test documentation

Your benefit:

  • Considerable reduction of test efforts (staff, time and cost)
  • Significant increase of both quality in testing and reliability in operations through:
    • continuous automatic regression testing
    • seamless validation of all outgoing files
    • quick detection of defects within your payment processing

 Application example: