Validation Portal

Through the Validation Portal, you and your customers can verify all ISO 20022 based XML files formally as well as against usage rules and create the corresponding feedback messages in just a few clicks.

The Validation Portal quickly and reliably examines all ISO 20022 based XML files (incl. pain, pacs and camt) with minimal effort. It provides qualified feedback in multiple ways (online, PDF report, XML with comments).

Furthermore, you can simulate replies based on Payment Initiation messages (pain) for every positive and/or negative scenario to send back messages to customers (pain.002, camt.052, camt.053, camt.054).


  • Banks
  • Clearing houses
  • Corporate customers

Key features:

  • Validation of all ISO 20022 based XML formats
  • No restrictions in terms of file size
  • Validation in consideration of all possible scheme and usage rules
  • Automatic recognition of XML format
  • Validation via email with immediate reply
  • All national and international standards available (incl. ISO, CGI, EPC, EBA, DK, CBI, SIX)
  • Simple and self-explanatory operation
  • Creation of bank to customer messages through simulation of SEPA r-processing (pain.002, camt.052, camt.053, camt.054)

Your benefit:

  • Reliable verification of ISO 20022 based XML files for testing or in operative business
  • Less workload for bank personnel during the migration of corporate customers to the ISO 20022 standard, as corporate customers have the option of using the Validation Portal via “self service”
  • Enormous reduction of effort for end-to-end testing at the customer-to-bank interface through simple simulation of response messages to customers.

Application example: