XML Archive

The XML Archive allows you to store and easily search for files you require through the application’s convenient high-performance search functionality.

The XML Archive by UNIFITS is an archive and investigation system for XML files, combining two applications in one solution: an efficient and powerful investigation platform and a secure, reliable repository for the audit-compatible archiving of all types of XML files. The XML Archive is independent of the underlying storage medium and scalable up to several petabytes.

The solution is available with or without an archive layer and can be used as a short and/or long-term archive offering numerous application options such as a payments data warehouse, etc.


  • Banks
  • Clearing houses

Key features:

  • Archiving of all possible XML files (specialized for ISO 20022)
  • No restrictions in terms of files size and data volume
  • Fast, unlimited search functionality
  • Individually definable statistical analysis
  • Usage of existing RAID systems and LTO libraries possible
  • Profitability of investment through “layer architecture”
  • WORM technology is supported
  • Compliant with GDPdU, GoBS, SOX

Your benefit:

  • Compliant with regulatory requirements concerning the recovery and traceability of original data
  • Extensive investigation possibilities based on original XML messages (customer-to-bank and bank-to-bank) for the processing of errors and complaints.
  • User-defined statistical analysis at the push of a button

 Architectural design: