XML Center

The XML Center, your ‘Swiss army knife’ for all ISO 20022 based tasks in projects and day-to-day operations: creation, editing, validation, storage, conversion and view of XML files.

With the UNIFITS XML Center you can perform all tasks relating to ISO 20022 based files in one application. With the comfortable user interface you can even carry out complicated tasks such as creating and editing XML files simply and securely. Available XML files can be validated in a split second and are saved and stored within a database for reutilization as well as to provide perfect transparency (warehousing). The conversion function enables you to switch between formats. The various display functions with customizable views complete the wide range of features of the XML Center.


  • Banks
  • Clearing houses
  • Corporate customers

XML Center featuresKey features:

  • Convenient, business-oriented creation and editing of ISO 20022 based XML test data
  • Automatic recognition of all XML formats including scheme and business rule validation
  • Support of all ISO 20022 based XML formats and no restrictions in terms of files size
  • Warehousing: central repository for all XML messages to be used within your project
  • Quick and safe navigation within XML files with convenient search functions
  • Bulk changes (e.g. for all transactions within one file)
  • Conversion from CSV to XML and between XML standards
  • Various display options – business and technical oriented
  • XML validation and XML conversion via email with immediate system-based reply

Your benefit:

  • One solution for all tasks relating to ISO 20022 based files
  • Central storage and editing of IS0 20022 XML files, always up to date on formal and business-oriented validity of XML files
  • Saving time due to error prevention and unique, exceptional display of XML contents