XML Repair

XML Repair allows you to correct faulty XML files quickly and safely in a user-guided solution including change approval and revision-compliant recording.

XML Repair by UNIFITS is a highly specialized editor for ISO 20022 based XML files. It allows a quick and reliable correction of XML based messages like customer to bank payment messages or bank-to-bank settlement messages. Since all changes to the underlying file are recorded, it enables the user to implement a completely revision-compliant repair process.


  • Banks
  • Clearing houses
  • Corporate customers

Key features:

  • Automated identification of all errors within a file
  • No restrictions in terms of file size
  • Support of all ISO 20022 based XML formats
  • Update function to change contents
  • Insert function for missing XML tags
  • Delete function for incorrect optional XML tags
  • Automatic recalculation of number of transactions and amount
  • Creation of a detailed modification log
  • Approval of changes / dual-review principle

Your benefit:

  • Fastest possible identification of errors in non-processable, broken XML files
  • System-supported error analysis and repair through a user-friendly interface
  • Revision-compliant repair of incorrect ISO 20022 XML files through dual-review principle and log file

Application example: