Our range of services will support you in your various tasks Servicemitarbeiter bei der Arbeitrelating to the migration and implementation of ISO 20022 based systems and processes.

Our focus on the ISO 20022 standard, as well as our vast experience gained from multiple migration projects, enable us to perform recurring tasks efficiently and economically without compromising our high quality standards.


Rulebook ServiceRULEBOOK SERVICE – Impact analysis of new rulebook and implementation guideline versions

We analyze the changes of new rulebook versions for ISO 20022 based processes and formats (e.g. ISO, EPC, EBA, DK, SIX, STUZZA, CBI, etc.) and their impact on IT systems for you.

Based on our preliminary analysis, we organize collaborative workshops with you in order to develop specific action plans and work packages for the necessary adjustments to your IT systems, which are generally required on a yearly basis.



Testing ServiceTESTING SERVICE – Complete testing of your ISO 20022 based IT systems

We perform complete testing for IT systems that process ISO 20022 based XML files (SEPA / payment, T2S / securities) efficiently. This starts with the planning and preparation of the test and extends to its implementation and documentation of the test results.

Naturally, our experienced and appropriately trained personnel (e.g. ISTQB) use our own solutions for the automation of certain steps within the testing process to reach an unrivalled degree of efficiency and effectiveness.



ValidierungVALIDATION SERVICE – Qualified validation and analysis of your XML files

While working on customers’ projects, we often realize that without appropriate tools, it can be extremely difficult and time-consuming to analyze certain errors because of invalid XML files.

With our solutions, we can solve your problems and offer you a validation service for ISO 20022 based XML files in different formats, depending on your needs: as a self-service through our Validation-Portal or as an automated email service combined with professional support through one of our experienced employees.

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