Bank Onboarding Platform: Simplify onboarding of direct participants to your clearing and settlement system.

Banks are facing many challenges, hooking up to a centralized clearing system shouldn’t be one.

Payment eco systems around the world are moving to the new global messaging standard for payments known as ISO 20022. Market participants are forced to implement new message flows and procedures based on new technologies. Financial Institutions (FIs) must adapt their payments processing solution in order to comply with new schemes for both, inbound and outbound message clearing.

ISO 20022 implementation and migration projects typically not only follow a like for like approach, they also open new possibilities. Therefore, they are quite complex and usually both effort and duration are heavily underestimated.

To cope with this challenge, we created a total composition of almost all the software services that have evolved over the past decade, resulting in the Bank Onboarding Platform.

These software services are best of breed. We have revised and enhanced them continuously based on our ongoing experience. In some cases this simply meant trial and error and in others it meant collaborating with our customers and industry partners to achieve the highest quality.

No need to take the same path again. Benefit from our decade of experience in developing solutions to simplify testing with a focus on ISO 20022 based environments.


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KEY Features
What the Bank Onboarding Platform makes possible
  • Validates clearing and settlement messages
  • Simulates response messages
  • Creates incoming message traffic
  • Provides self-registration and ease to use with no training required
  • Secure and reliable, attested through external penetration testing
Key benefits
What it does for you
  1. Smooth onboarding of participants through self-service testing
  2. Satisfied participants provided with excellent onboarding support
  3. Reduced operational risks during participants go-live
  4. Investment protection with a flexible platform that can grow according to your needs
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