Test Engine: Automate your end-to-end transaction testing such as for payments and capital markets.

Lack of test resources and time to complete testing cycles will never again be an issue.

The Test Engine is our RPA solution (Robotic Process Automation), controlling the XML Center based on predefined test processes and test cases.

While the XML Center covers all test data related capabilities, the Test Engine controls the entire end-to-end test process. All awkward, time-consuming and error-prone tasks are replaced by this powerful combination resulting in a highly intelligent and easy to use solution. Your professionals are freed from performing routine tasks and are made available for value-added projects.

Unlike other solutions to automate testing, the Test Engine needs almost no setup and implementation time. This is achieved in a number of ways. One example is by using predefined test cases. Adjusting relevant data, such as account numbers, to a particular environment is no issue.


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KEY Features
What our Test Engine can make possible
  • Automated end-to-end transaction testing
  • Comprehensive test reporting
  • Extremely smart solution to cover test case variants
  • Continuous testing 24/7/365
  • Supports all types of payment processes whether it be real time or batch, high-value or mass payment
Key Challenges
What our Test Engine tackles for you
  • Increasing complexity within payments industry
  • Accelerated innovation and development cycles with shorter time-to-market
  • Lack of key resources with required know-how
  • Demanding and time-consuming requirements in terms of reporting
  1. Significant reduction in test resources
  2. Massive reduction in test duration
  3. Significant increase in test quality
  4. Reduction in operational risks
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