Transfer Agent: Seamless integration with your test environment.

Eliminate time consuming tedious tasks linked to exchanging data with your test system.

The Unifits Transfer Agent connects your environment to be tested with the test data manager, the Unifits XML Center.

In the simplest case, upload and download can be used for data exchange between the tested system and the XML Center. However, connecting both systems with the Transfer Agent provides significant added benefit by eliminating several manual labor intensive tasks.

The Transfer Agent eliminates the need to perform the up- and download steps for data exchange between systems. The Transfer Agent will feed your payment system with input data sets at the proper interface as well as retrieve all the relevant outputs created by the payment system. With an automated data exchange, there is no issue with access rights for Quality Assurance testers from departments who do not have access rights to respective sources. Good examples would be, the business or product management department.


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KEY Features
What the Transfer Agent makes possible
  • Connects payment environments with the XML Center
  • Supports all commonly used industry standards for application to application communication
  • Automates and provides transparent transfer of data
  • Accommodates individual interfaces if required
Key Challenges
What the Transfer Agent tackles for you
  • Payment systems have a variety of channels for input and output
  • Testers must have both, deep knowledge as well as all the relevant access rights
  • In many cases more effort is needed to find and retrieve outputs than to validate them
  1. Reduce manual tasks
  2. Reduce sources of errors
  3. Shorten test duration
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