XML Center: Test data easily created, maintained, validated and reused.

Creating and reusing of test data is no longer a challenge.

The XML Center is our core solution to simplify transaction testing.

Support for any type of message scheme covering both real time transactions as well as batch files is available.

Its comprehensive capacity to work with any kind of test data such as XML, JSON, SWIFT MT or even legacy formats makes it the hub for your testing. Don’t be misled by its name which points to outstanding capabilities dealing with XML transactions and files – which is of course an essential element in ISO 20022 based payment ecosystems. The benefits and capabilities of the XML Center can be extended to support any test data format.

Test data can easily be exchanged via up- and download or via various automated ways through the Unifits Transfer Agent, our specialized middleware to connect with your test environment.


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KEY Features
What the XML Center makes possible
  • Create valid ISO 20022 test messages in less than 10 seconds
  • Generate test data as input to your own payment system
  • Validate outgoing payment transactions / payment files
  • Simulate all roles of the payment chain interfacing with your system
  • Support all types of payment data whether it be real time or batch, high-value or mass payment
  • Convert MT to MX and vice versa
Key Challenges
What the XML Center tackles for you
  • Increasing complexity within the payments industry
  • Accelerated innovation and development cycles with shorter time-to-market
  • Lack of key resources with required know-how
  1. Significant reduction in test resources
  2. Massive reduction in test duration
  3. Significant increase in test quality
  4. Reduction in operational risks
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