Simplify end-to-end transaction testing such as for payments and capital markets.

  • minimize test resource headcount and test phase duration to the minimum
  • increase extent and quality of testing
  • mitigate project and operational risks
  • greatly simplified and accelerated onboarding
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One word: simple. In a world where banks and businesses are facing huge challenges, strict regulations and ever-changing regulations when it comes to payment testing, we want to turn complexity into simplicity. Unifits has created the first industy-specific end-to-end test automation eliminating time-consuming scripting activities to simplify transaction testing.

With extensive domain knowledge already embedded in simulators, the Unifits software turns test environments into a mirror image of production. The efforts of validating and creating schema-compliant messages are reduced drastically – and so is the dependency on external partners and highly skilled testing resources. Instead, test execution, test coverage and test quality are significantly increased. Unifits software supports all use cases around such message formats of any clearing scheme seamlessly and thus makes testing a breeze.


Since the Unifits Test Engine initiates end-to-end flows through different customer channels as well as simulates all the diverse clearing and settlement systems we are connected to, we have been able to significantly reduce effort and duration for regression testing.
Besides the fact that Unifit's solution increased our own efficiency for client onboarding by factors, it added enormous value to our clients by giving them a 24 / 7 “self-service” that saved also their efforts and improved the overall quality at the very same time.

Automatize your end-to-end transaction testing with Unifits. Download our product overview here:

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ISO 20022 testing solutions for banks: turning complexity into simplicity

I want to automate end-to-end testing within my bank

Unifits Test Engine
The Unifits Test Engine simulates test counterparts and enables the end-to-end testing of pay-ment transaction flows for financial institutions.
Test Portal

I want to offer self-service testing for my corporate customers

Unifits Customer Onboarding
The Unifits Customer Onboarding simplifies and accelerates the onboarding process to your e-banking and allows effortless self-service and end-to-end testing for your corporate customers.
Unifits Test Engine
Test Portal
Unifits Customer Onboarding

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