About us: Thinking beyond technology.

In times of increasing complexity and requirements in payment transactions, Unifits is the only software and consulting company worldwide, that provides end-to-end test solutions as a one-stop provider. We keep an eye on all eventualities and consider all conceivable cases. One provider – all possibilities.

We are driven by a triad of software development, consulting and a high level of specialization. This is why we create solutions for fully automated payment testing and securities settlement processes, which are capable of streamlining complex cash flows effectively. Our product range is rounded off with solutions for the creation, validation, and visualization of XML files.

Unifits’ employees are both software specialists and consultants within the financial services industry – always with an international background. This unique mixture of experience and innovation allows us to keep working towards our goal. This is, and has always been, to make financial transaction processes and payment testing as easy and smooth as possible. This is why and how we create state of the art solutions, which are universal, flexible and easy to implement.




Our Management

Walter Schmölzer

In 2010 Walter Schmölzer founded Unifits GmbH Germany. As the executive director he is responsible for strategy and product management. Prior to founding Unifits GmbH, Walter Schmölzer has been a manager at a banking software vendor, head of the Competence Centre of a consulting firm supporting banks and insurance providers, and an independent business and management consultant.

CTO, Managing director
Helmut Kalsberger

Helmut Kalsberger is managing director and co-founder of Unifits GmbH Austria and responsible for IT and development of all Unifits solutions.

Before his current position, he gained experience as a developer and software architect at a software vendor for banking software and as head of the team for foreign payment transactions he acquired his know-how of the payment business. Afterwards he worked for several years at an Austrian building and loan association as software architect and project manager.

 Head of Business Development Europe
Volker Heinze

Volker Heinze has been working within the payment business since 1993. He started as a computer scientist in the IT development department of a bank in Munich. He then became one of the responsible developers and designers of payment software at a software vendor. Afterwards he worked at different consultancies and supported banks and corporate customers regarding SEPA and ISO 20022 projects.

Since July 2015, Volker Heinze has been Head of Business Development at Unifits and entirely moved his focus to software solutions, specialized for ISO 20022, especially software-based automation of end-to-end testing.


Head of Business Development North America
Pat Deane

Following the global foot print of ISO 20022 initiatives, Pat Deane joined the Unifits team in early 2017 to lead our expansion into the North American market.

Pat Deane has more than 30 years of experience in global cash management, treasury, payments and foreign exchange, gained through various leadership roles held with two U.S. headquartered global banks, one of the Big Five national banks headquartered in Canada and her own consulting business launched in 2014. As a member of the Unifits team, Pat Deane will concentrate her efforts on establishing and growing the Unifits brand as an essential enabler for the successful ISO 20022 transformation in the North American market.

It's our business to make your business work.


Know-how pays off.

For over ten years we have offered highly innovative software solutions as well as specialized consulting services for customers like banks (e.g. UniCredit), clearing houses (e.g. National Bank of Austria / GSA), insurance providers and building and loan associations (e.g. Wüstenrot).
Customers profit from our technical and strategical know-how regarding all processes and interfaces in financial transactions: We make their business more efficient, we lower operational risks, increase the speed of transaction and ensure a smooth flow of their payment traffic. All of this lowers costs – and reduces employees‘ workload, so that they can focus on core operations.

Custom-made solutions.

We are into solutions, that simplify the complex. Therefore, we bundle all the expertise and experience we have achieved in our years in the business and create thought-out solutions that provide a true added value. We keep developing until we have written a unique software, that fits the customer’s requirements perfectly. With our end-to-end solutions we view the sector as a whole ­– and always keep an eye on the specific demands of the individual customer.


Hands on.

We respond rapidly. Ineffectiveness stirs us to action, so we tackle challenges. Therefore, we are always taking that extra step. This differentiates us from our competitors. We don’t hesitate to proceed and keep finetuning until we find the ideal solution for our customer – because for us the best solution is the only possible solution.


Empowering businesses.

We are more than just programmers: We are consultants, partners, enablers. It’s our ambition to think outside the box – and recognize new developments earlier. This allows us to prepare our customers for upcoming challenges, make them act with self-confidence and operate independently. Our solutions are foresighted, durable, perfectly fitted and empower businesses to solve real problems – before they get a real problem.




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