Unifits Customer Onboarding: Onboarding for corporate customers to your e-banking channels made easy.

Customer Onboarding for a new age

The Customer Onboarding Platform is much more than just a portal to validate whether messages are compliant to a particular scheme or not.

No doubt, just providing validation capabilities makes sense in the early stages of a modernization program. But as soon as the loop within a payments ecosystem is going to be closed, and corporate customers should be provided with enriched cash and account management reporting (camt), a validation portal reaches its limits. Thus, more elaborate simulation facilities are necessary to satisfy a corporate customer’s demands for their own testing. With the virtualized booking engine, the Unifits Onboarding Platform is ready to meet this challenge.

The best news however is that you don’t have to worry about all of that. Choose Unifits as your provider and benefit from a decade of experience with ISO 20022, test support and test automation. You will start with a lightweight Validation Portal and expand according to your needs.

With our modular concept, your investments are secured. Based on that approach we have the flexibility to provide customized solutions with unbeatable time to market. Moreover, costs can be reduced, and quality can be increased by reusing centralized components.


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Our Customer Onboarding Platform provided by Unifits allows every software partner or bank client, who is affected by the Swiss payment migration, to conduct independent testing.

Besides the fact that Unifits’ solution increased our efficiency for client onboarding by factors, it added enormous value to our clients by giving them a 24 / 7 “self-service” that saved their efforts and at the same time improved the overall end to end processing quality.

Unifits’ passion for ISO 20022 and quality assurance combined with the great collaboration and their outstanding solutions made the partnership a pleasure.


ISO 20022 testing simplified – at a glance

Frequently asked questions

Can our own rules be applied when validating payment initiations?

Sure, the definition of validation rules for Unifits solutions is extremely flexible. Adaptations and additions to rule sets can either be carried out by yourself or you can receive them directly from Unifits as a service.

How are my customers authorized or set up to use the platform?

Unifits offers three options for this and thus full flexibility. The user can register himself without his bank having to intervene. The second option is that the bank just approve the user after registration. And the third option is that the bank takes over the creation of the user completely.

Where is the Customer Onboarding Portal hosted and operated?

The Customer Onboarding Portal can either be hosted by you or Unifits offers this as a service. Unifits operates cloud services exclusively in very secure data centers certified to run financial services applications and with sensitive data.

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