Solutions for Financial Market Infrastructures: Streamlining FMIs with Test Automation: Boosting Efficiency and Reducing Risk

Unifits Solution Offering to streamline testing within FMIs

Benefits for the Infrastructure
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Benefits for the Industry

Trusted by the industry

We are proud and grateful to work with many renowned international players in the financial industry and are happy to let them speak for themselves.

We needed a cost-effective and feature-rich way for all our participants to consistently test to the test plans and cases provided by the Australian ISO 20022 Industry Migration Program. The Unifits solution meets these requirements very well and we are impressed with the knowledge and professionalism of the Unifits team.
Rob Magee Program Director, ISO 20022 Industry Migration
We are pleased to welcome Unifits as a Nacha' Preferred Partner for ISO 20022 Payment Testing Automation. The suite of unique and comprehensive automated testing solutions offered by Unifits allow enterprises and financial institutions to better manage payment testing related to ISO 20022 messages and processes.
Jane Larimer Nacha President and CEO

Customized solutions for all parties involved

Our experience from numerous projects shows that, depending on the progress of the project, there are different requirements for how testing can best be supported within a financial market infrastructure. To meet these requirements, Unifits has developed three complementary solutions that build on each other.

Take Industry Testing for FMIs to an unprecedented Level

Virtual Participant

The Unifits Virtual Participant is available 24/7 to any real participant in the test environment of a given market infrastructure and acts as their test partner. Either controlled by parameterized messages or through an intuitive graphical user interface, the VIP can effortlessly create and send any message thus greatly simplifying industry testing for FMIs.

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Much more than just another Validation Portal

Bank Onboarding Platform

The BOP significantly simplifies the testing of financial transactions and covers the validation and creation of messages according to the specific Scheme Guidelines.

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Test automation for Clearing Systems

Test Engine

The Unifits Test Engine is used to validate a financial market infrastructure’s central clearing system. All message flows can be run automatically and independently because sending and receiving participants are simulated.

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