Unifits Test Portal: Create and validate ISO 20022-related XML messages with unmatched ease

Testing with ISO 20022 XML messages: turning complexity into simplicity

The Unifits Test Portal is aimed at test teams in banks and eliminates one of the biggest challenges in testing related to ISO 20022: the validation and creation of schema-compliant messages. What sounds so simple at first glance is in practice a huge effort and extremely hard to manage. The Unifits Test Portal seamlessly supports all use cases around the message formats of any clearing scheme and thus makes testing a breeze.


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Explained: Easily eliminate three
headaches of ISO 20022 testing

01 Validate messages
02 Create messages
03 Derive messages

ISO 20022 testing simplified – at a glance


Validate, create, derive: supporting all relevant use cases

The application supports all required use cases: validate outgoing messages, create incoming messages, derive response and request messages automatically based on the original message. Just in case you are looking for more: take a look at our on-premises solution Unifits Test Engine as well, the first solution of its kind to automate transaction testing.

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Learn how the Unifits Test Portal works. Selected clearing schemes are available for trial so that everyone can see how the Unifits Test Portal makes testing easier and more efficient. Completely free of charge and without obligation.
  1. VALIDATE – Pre-selected clearing schemes & messages to try out
  2. CREATE – Pre-selected clearing schemes & messages to try out
  3. DERIVE – Pre-selected clearing schemes & messages to try out
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after 30 days
After the 30-day-free-trial period, you can continue to use the free VALIDATION for a clearing scheme of your choice.
  1. VALIDATE – Continue with a clearing scheme of your choice
  2. Contact us for requests or suggestions
Customized Offer
If you want to test with more than one clearing scheme or if you want to continue using the editor as well as the CREATE and DERIVE function, request your individual offer now.
  1. VALIDATE – any scheme*) & message
  2. CREATE – any scheme*) & message
  3. DERIVE – any scheme*) & derivation
  4. Full support even for individual schemes, e.g. those agreed with indirect participants

*any scheme Unifits offers (see Supported Payment Schemes)


Supported payment schemes

The Unifits Test Portal complies with the guidelines of a wide range of clearing schemes for a large variety of payment systems throughout the world, e.g. Real-Time payments, High Value payments, Mass & Retail payments). Unifits is constantly introducing new schemes and not all available schemes might be listed on this page or unlocked in Free Mode in the Unifits Test Portal. So please just let us know in case you are interested in a particular scheme.

Bilateral Clearing

  • Global: SWIFT CBPR+

  • Europe: TARGET2
  • Europe: EBA EURO1
  • Europe: EBA STEP1
  • United Kingdom: CHAPS
  • Switzerland: SIC4
  • Europe: EBA RT1
  • Nordics: NPC Instant Credit Transfer
  • Europe: Switzerland SIC5
  • Europe: EBA STEP2 (SEPA Credit Transfer, SEPA Direct Debit Core & B2B, SEPA Cards Clearing)
  • Nordics: NPC Credit Transfer
  • Germany: SCL SEPA-Clearer German Bundesbank
  • Canada: LYNX
  • United States: TCH CHIPS (as from Q2/2022)
  • United States: Fedwire (as from Q3/2023)
  • Canada: RTR Real-Time Rail (as from Q3/2023)
  • United States : TCH RTP
  • United States : FedNow (as from Q4/2022)
  • Singapore: MEPS+
  • Hongkong: CHATS (as from Q1/2023)
  • Australia: HVCS

More payment schemes on request: we are happy to introduce particular schemes, if needed

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Frequently asked questions

Does Unifits support schemes for payment initiation and client reporting as well (customer to bank interface)?

Of course, we also support numerous schemes at the customer to bank interface. For example, we offer a portal solution for onboarding corporate customers as well as test support for banks by enabling the initiation of payments such as with pain.001 or pain.008. Since the customer to bank standards are often at least partially adapted by banks for their corporate customers, we do not offer these as a blanket solution, but only in coordination with the respective bank or with a national scheme authority. So please do not hesitate to contact us in this regard, we are looking forward to your request.

How does Unifits ensure that I can rely on the validations performed by the Test Portal?

Unifits validation is the most trusted of all testing solutions on the market. Still, no one can guarantee 100% correctness, not even us. And yet there are good reasons why you can trust our validation, as thousands of users have already done:

  • Unifits has unmatched expertise due to its strong focus in this area.
  • Unifits validations are used by banks in productive workflows as well.
  • Validation rules are implemented by Unifits at least according to the double check manual principle.
  • The Unifits solutions and thus the validation modules are used by many banks and payment service providers, which can be seen as a kind of crowdtesting. In this way, errors, if they exist at all, are detected very quickly and with a high degree of certainty.
The scheme I have to test with is not within the list of available schemes. How can I get support for such schemes?

Unifits is constantly introducing new schemes and not all available schemes might be listed on this page or unlocked in Free Mode in the Unifits Test Portal. So please just let us know in case you are interested in a particular scheme. If we don’t support it yet, we can implement it based on priority. Prioritization depends, among other things, on the number of requests to support a particular scheme. So please do not hesitate to contact us in this regard, we are looking forward to your request.

How much do I have to pay for the subscription?

The subscription fee is always individual, as it depends on the number and complexity of the required schemes as well as on the number of users/testers. Please use our form to provide us with the relevant information and you will receive an individual offer.

Why does Unifits not make validation freely available for all supported schemes?

The Unifits solution is considered the best of its kind. Validation for a scheme of your choice at this quality and at zero cost is an absolutely unique offer on the market. You need to know that the implementation as well as the ongoing maintenance of each scheme requires a large commitment of highly specialized resources, which must be paid for in the end. Therefore, we kindly ask you to send us your subscription request and we will make you a fair offer.

Who has access to data that I upload and / or create?

Notwithstanding Unifits’ extremely high security standards, according to the Terms of Use in the Free Trail and Free Use version, you may only use synthetic test data or anonymized data. In any case, Unifits employees who are to ensure the operation and maintenance of the application must have access to the environment. Unifits employees are subject to strict compliance requirements, as Unifits operates exclusively in the financial services sector and handling sensitive data is part of our daily business. In addition, Unifits operates cloud services exclusively in very secure data centers certified to run financial services applications and with sensitive data. Access to data by external third parties is therefore extremely unlikely according to the current state of the art.

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