Solutions for Banks: ISO 20022 testing solutions for banks: turning complexity into simplicity

I want to increase efficiency by 90 % in the creation of test messages

Unifits Test Portal

The Unifits Test Portal is aimed at test teams in banks and eliminates one of the biggest challenges in testing related to ISO 20022: the validation and creation of schema-compliant messages. What sounds so simple at first glance is in practice a huge effort and extremely hard to manage. The Unifits Test Portal seamlessly supports all use cases around message formats of any clearing scheme and thus makes testing a breeze.

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I want to automate end-to-end testing within my bank

Unifits Test Engine

The Unifits Test Engine is the first solution of its kind with extensive industry-specific knowledge already embedded. Simulators for all types of payment clearing and settlement infrastructures turn your test environment into a mirror image of production.

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I want to offer self-service testing for my corporate customers

Unifits Customer Onboarding

The Customer Onboarding Platform is much more than just a portal to validate whether messages are compliant to a particular scheme or not. Elaborate simulation facilities are provided to satisfy a corporate customer’s demands for their own testing with the virtualized booking engine.

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