Services: We enable you to run the system.

Our services empower you to implement and run ISO 20022 systems and processes.

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  1. Consultation and guidance from a highly skilled team with over 10 years of experience
  2. Our experts empower you to run your system independently
  3. Precise training for efficient and time-saving onboarding

Our consulting services

Impact analysis of new rulebook and implementation guideline versions
  1. Analysis of the changes of new rulebook versions for ISO 20022 based processes and formats (e.g. ISO, EPC, EBA, DK, SIX, STUZZA, CBI, etc.)
  2. Workshops to develop specific action plans and work packages for the necessary adjustments
  3. Workshops are generally required on an annual basis
Complete testing of your ISO 20022 based IT systems
  1. Complete testing for IT systems that process ISO 20022 based XML files (SEPA / payment, T2S / securities) efficiently
  2. From planning and preparation of the test to its implementation and documentation of the results
  3. Experienced and trained personnel (e.g. ISTQB) use our own solutions for the automation of certain steps to reach an unrivalled degree of efficiency and effectiveness
Qualified validation and analysis of your XML files
  1. Without appropriate tools, it can be very difficult and time-consuming to analyze certain errors because of invalid XML files
  2. Our solutions solve that problem and offer a validation service for ISO 20022 based XML files in different formats
  3. As self-service through our Validation-Portal or as an automated email service combined with professional support through our employees

Our Training Programs

Unifits software

In addition to detailed user documentation, we offer you (in-house) training for end users. The goal is that all your employees or customers will be able to apply your purchased Unifits solutions in the most efficient way.

Duration: 0,5 Days

  1. Introduction of the application and user interfaces
  2. Transfer of basic know-how on ISO 20022 and XML
  3. Execution of typical use cases and solutions
  4. Explanation of all special features
ISO 20022

In this training session, you will learn about the background and financial business domains of the ISO 20022 standard and obtain a basic understanding of message types and data fields of XML files based on ISO 20022.

Duration: 1 Day

  1. Goals and business domains of the ISO 20022 standard
  2. Different message types and data fields (tags) with focus on payment transactions
  3. Basic structure of XML files (structure, meaning, usage, formats according to XSD scheme)
  4. XML tools

This business and process-oriented SEPA training session will explain all SEPA processes and relevant r-messages in detail and will address the significant differences between SEPA and former national formats.

Duration: 1 Day

  1. Basics of payment transactions and SEPA
  2. Boards/committees, specifications and laws regarding SEPA
  3. Payment participants and processes for SCT, SDD and SCC
  4. SEPA messages for SCT, SDD and SCC as well as data fields (tags) and r-messages

This technical training session teaches in-depth XML knowledge
– from the basics to expert know-how concerning the XML standard (XSD, XPath, XQuery, XSLT, etc.).

Duration: 1 Day

  1. Reasons for the use of XML
  2. XML as an applied syntax
  3. Implementation of XML
  4. XML documents
  5. XML schemes (XSD)
  6. XML structure
  7. XML tools
Industry coLLABORAtion
We are passionate about providing the best possible solutions and services to our customers.

This requires focus on our strengths and on our core competencies.
But even more important, is to be aware of the areas where we lack expertise when partners are able to fill the gap and complement our offering.

We partner with both software companies as well as with consulting companies.
Some examples are listed below:



Business-Logics is one of the leading manufacturers of EBICS-based electronic banking systems in the world (EBICS: Electronic Banking Internet Communication Standard).

Due to this cooperation we are able to offer a professional EBICS solution to our clients which is seamlessly embedded within our test solution.



msgGillardon is a software and consulting company for the banking industry. msgGillardon offers business consulting, standard and individual developments as well as system integration from a single source and realizes successful projects with data centers and financial service providers of all sizes with many years of industry and IT expertise.

Due to partnerships with consulting companies such as msgGillardon, we are able to provide our customers with well-trained experts during an introduction phase.  Don’t be misled, implementing our testing solutions is not a big issue. This usually takes a couple days, sometimes even only a couple of hours.

But it’s not uncommon that customers request some kind of ‚training on the job‘ phase. During such a phase trained and experienced experts complement already existing test cases with customized ones according to particular needs.



The Westhafen – Expert dialogue Instant Payments is a forum, where practitioners from different banks, corporates and technical service providers in Germany contribute to the clarification of questions, which arise in the course of the implementation phase and the development of real-time transactions. For a support of the SEPA-vision and in order to establish a uniform execution of EURO- real-time transactions for banks, PSPs and corporates – independent of “national” or “transnational” transactions – this forum offers the transaction experts the possibility, to discuss all functional questions and to identify together best practice approaches to achieve a solution.

We maintain partnerships to support our customers with tailored services on almost any location in the world.
Please just ask.

Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa
Volker Heinze Business Development T— +49 89 43 7777 9710
America (North, Central, South), Oceania
Pat Deane Business Development North America T— +1 416 986 0633
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