Best Practices: Implementation of ISO 20022 testing for Australian Payments Network

At the end of 2021, the Australian Payments Network (AusPayNet) was searching for a solution for their testing needs in the course of their ISO 20022 migration program. We are proud to say that our solutions satisfied AusPayNet and they are now using our Bank Onboarding Portal. Read the short interview with Rob Magee, Program Director – ISO 20022 Industry Migration, to understand what they were searching for and why they chose us:

Rob, what prompted you to search the market for ISO 20022 testing solutions?

We needed a cost-effective and function-rich way for all our Participants to test consistently, following the test plans and cases provided by the Australian ISO 20022 Industry Migration Program. 


What were the main reasons you chose Unifits as your vendor?

The Unifits solution met our requirements very well, and we were impressed with the knowledge and professionalism of the Unifits team right from the start.


Can you tell us a little more about the solution you chose and what your experience was like after the first few months?

We chose to use the Unifits Bank Onboarding Portal (ISO 20022 Emulator), customised to validate against the Australian variant of the ISO 20022 message specification as well as incorporating specific validations carried out by the Reserve Bank of Australia’s RTGS system. This allowed all our Participants to access the portal, upload and validate a range of message types and generate response messages to help with their testing requirements.

ISO 20022 was a new area for the AusPayNet team, and for most of our members. Unifits have provided the support we need in a responsive and knowledgeable way, helping us to get the most out of the solution.


Thank you Rob, for your insights into ISO 20022 industry testing in Australia. We wish you and the entire AusPayNet team continued success during the industry transition to ISO 20022.

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