Products: Be prepared for all contingencies in payment transactions.

Our end-to-end software includes all events in payment transactions. We empower you to operate with foresight and prepare you for current future.  

  1. Significant reduction in your test effort (time, costs, workload)
  2. Impactful increase in your test quality as well as your operational reliability through:
  3. Continuous regression tests
  4. Comprehensive validation of all XML files
  5. Fast and reliable detection of defects
Test Engine
Automate your end-to-end testing of ISO 20022 based IT systems such as payment systems
  1. Supports the testing process and allows fully automated system tests
  2. Simulates all possible roles within payment and securities processing for complete end-to-end testing
  3. Files can be transferred via EBICS, email or SFTP
XML Center
Your ultimate solution for all ISO 20022 based tasks in projects and day-to-day operations
  1. Perform all tasks relating to ISO 20022 based files in one application
  2. Carry out complicated tasks such as creating and editing XML files simply and securely
  3. XML files can be validated in a split second and are saved and stored within a secure accessible database
Validation Portal
Verify all ISO 20022 based XML files precisely as well as against usage rules and create, capture and store corresponding feedback messages in seconds
  1. The portal quickly and reliably examines all ISO 20022 based XML files with minimal effort
  2. It provides qualified and reliable  feedback in multiple ways
  3. Simulate responses based on Payment Initiation messages (pain) for every positive and negative scenario
Transfer Agent
Through seamless integration, eliminates awkward and tedious tasks associated with the exchange of data with your test system
  1. Commonly used industry standards available out of the box
  2. Automated and transparent transfer of data
  3. Individual interfaces possible
Bank Onboarding Platform
Simplify onboarding of direct participants to your clearing and settlement system
  1. Validates clearing and settlement messages
  2. Simulates response messages
  3. Creates incoming message traffic
  4. User to application (U2A) or application to application (A2A)
  5. Self-registration (U2A) and easy to use with no training required
Customer Onboarding Platform
Onboarding for corporate customers to your e-banking channels made easy
  1. Includes all the Unifits Validation Portal capabilities
  2. Validation for all types of order transmission
  3. Virtualized booking engine to simulate client reporting (e.g. camt)
  4. Simulation for incoming transactions
  5. Self-registration and easy to use with no training required
  6. Secure and reliable, attested through external penetration testing
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