Knowledge: Here it is, Introducing, the new very best friend for ISO 20022 test teams

Save at least 90% of the time it would take creating ISO 20022 test messages using ordinary XML editors, compared to the time it would take with our solution. What’s the one thing testers will ask for in ISO 20022 projects? After previewing our products, we assure you, it will be the Unifits Test Portal.

Assuming you have already created ISO 20022 messages to test your current payment application, we probably don’t need to explain or remind you about the tedious and laborious process involved. What we will say is this, with the introduction of the new Unifits ISO 20022 Test Portal for Banks, validation and creation of ISO 20022 test messages will no longer be such an issue.

Whether you need pain.001 test messages to initiate outgoing payment flows, or pacs.008 or pacs.009 messages to test incoming payment flows from any clearing you are connected to – with the Unifits Test Portal you can do it all with just a few simple and intuitive clicks.

Even the response and request messages, such as a pacs.004 or camt.056, which must contain additional information from an original message in exactly the right places, are created within seconds using the Derive function of the Unifits Test Portal.

See for yourself,  watch the  videos for each use case, register for the free subscription and get familiar with the first and only industry-specific solution for ISO 20022 test messages. Try the Unifits Test Portal free of charge and without obligation – you won’t even be able to imagine how you managed to get along before being introduced to your new best friend.

Would you like to learn more about testing of ISO 20022 based systems? Let’s get in touch.

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